AAJA-SF Bay Area Supports KPIX’s Betty Yu

KPIX reporter Betty Yu

Our chapter has made it a priority to respond to anti-Asian racism and violence, from helping inform newsroom coverage to hosting community dialogue. When KPIX reporter Betty Yu recently got verbally attacked by a shock jock, it was another reminder to continue to be vigilant.

Shortly after a conservative YouTube and podcast host made what critics and Yu supporters have described were “disgusting” racist and sexist remarks toward Yu, AAJA National and our chapter met with KPIX executives to provide guidance. We each swiftly released statements condemning such behavior.

“These comments, which reinforce the ‘perpetual foreigner’ stereotype … are particularly egregious at a time when the Asian American community is experiencing increased violence and xenophobia,” said the joint AAJA statement released Oct. 21.

The AAJA-SF Bay Area chapter added: “We condemn comments that create an unsafe environment for journalists, especially women of color.”

Find more coverage on the incident at KPIX and the San Francisco Chronicle.

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