Sports Journalists: Apply for the Jimmie & Sue Fong Yee Scholarship

Sports journalists: The AAJA Sports Task Force is looking to pay for your registration (and a lot more) to AAJA National Convention in Houston!

One college student and one recent college graduate will receive one scholarship of $900 each to help pay for expenses incurred from attending the convention. The scholarships are made possible thanks to a $2,000 donation made by sports agent Don Yee of Yee & Dubin Sports, LLC (Tom Brady’s and Jimmy Garoppolo’s agent!).


For students, apply here. The deadline is Sunday, April 22. Applicants must be an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled full-time with at least 12 credit units. Applicants must also be pursuing a career in sports journalism.

For recent graduates, apply here. The deadline is Sunday, April 22. Applicants must have graduated from a community college or university (including graduate school) located in the United States within the last 3 years. Applicants must also be currently and actively pursuing sports journalism as a career.

To apply

  • Include a resume
  • Include a cover letter
  • Respond to this essay prompt in 1,000-2,000 words: What do you hope to accomplish as a journalist and how has your ethnicity/cultural background helped to shape these professional goals?
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • References (names and contact information)
  • Work samples are encouraged, but not required

For more information about the scholarship, click here. Good luck!

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