We won!

Thanks everyone for participating in the Membership Chapter Challenge! 
This doesn't end the membership drive for us, but it was a good chance
to build up our numbers again and help National AAJA get back some of its
lost membership dues.

The challenge was for chapters to build up their numbers from the end
of 2009 to March 31, 2010. The winning chapters were the ones that
managed the biggest growth or the smallest decline in the three
categories of small, medium and large. The SF Chapter donated $100 to
each winning chapter and the Asia Chapter donated another $25 to each

So without further ado, the winners are:

Small chapter: North Carolina (grew from 15 members to 18 members --
20 percent growth)
Medium chapter: Seattle (grew from 83 members to 87 members -- 5
percent growth)
Large chapter: San Francisco (went from 168 members to 155 members --
8 percent decline)

Also, I want to recognize Arizona growing by 17 percent and Portland
growing by 8 percent, both in the small chapter category.

Ryan Kim
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter president

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